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BALIK ANGIN (Mallotus floribundus)

Trade Name

Balik angin

Scientific Name

Mallotus floribundus (Blume) Mull. Arg.



Common Names

Balik angin; Bow lasch (Vietnam); Bajch dafn (Vietnam); Nakau (Indonesia); Pik (Thailand); Tapen (Indonesia); Lo khon (Thailand); Nakau (Sumatra); Malotus mrambokan (Sabah); Blue blade; Maya-maya (Malaysia); Prik (Thailand); Pasu-pasu (Malaysia); Taung kado (Myanmar); Tula-tula (Philippines)

Scientific Name Synonyms

Mallotus anamiticus O. Kuntze

Description Of The Tree

Botanical Description

It is a small to medium sized tree, up to 25 m tall. The bole is straight to sinuous, up to 50 cm in diameter, occasionally with short or steep buttresses.

Natural Habitat

Mallotus trees are reported in primary evergreen rain forest, up to 2,000 m of altitude.

Non Timber Uses

The flowers of M. floribundus are used as a spice for food.

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Wood Identification

Anatomic Description Of Wood

Wood diffuse porous. Occasionally vessels in radial multiples of 4 or more common. Tangential diameter of vessel lumina 100 micras or less (very small). Occasionally tyloses common. Vessels per mm2 5 to 20. Vessels per mm2 less than 6 (rare). Vessel-ray pits re Apotracheal axial parenchyma diffuse and/or diffuse in aggregates. Paratracheal axial parenchyma scanty and/or vasicentric. Occasionally prismatic crystals in chambered axial parenchyma cells and/or in fibers. 3 to 4 cells per parenchyma strand. 5 to 8 cells Rays more than 10 per mm (abundant). Ray height more than 1 mm. Occasionally rays exclusively uniseriate. Prismatic crystals in radial alignment in procumbent ray cells (chambered cells). Homogeneous rays and/or sub-homogeneous rays (all ray cells procumbent) Fibers very thin walled. Fibers with simple to minutely bordered pits.

  • Wood Macro Photo Tangential Plane
  • Wood Micro Photo Of Transversal Section


Cites Status


General Wood Description


The heartwood is straw-colored or pale brown, not clearly differentiated from the sapwood.

COLOR INDEX (1=Black, 7=Light yellow,white)



Straight grain is reported in this species.


The texture varies from moderately fine to slightly coarse.

Natural Durability

It is non-durable, it can be attacked by termites and marine borers.

Natural durability index (1= Very high durability, 7=Vey low durability)


Resistance To Impregnation

It is easy to preserve.

Wood Physical Properties

Basic Density or Specific Gravity (O.D. weight/vol. green) (g/cm³)


Air-dry Density (Weight and volume at 12%MC) (g/cm³)


Total shrinkage Tangential (Saturated to 0%MC) (%)


Total shrinkage Radial (Saturated to 0%MC) (%)


Drying Defects

Ease of Drying: Air seasoning is reported to be slow. The air drying of 15 mm thick boards takes about 3 months. Drying Defects: Cupping is reported in thin material, honeycombing in thicker material. Kiln Schedules: Schedule suggested for Yellow Meranti. Usually the timber dries well without any serious degrade, but the drying of boards over 50 mm thick is more difficult.

Dimensional stability ratio (Total Tangential Shrinkage %/Total Radial Shrinkage %)


Wood Chemical Properties

Wood Mechanical Properties



The behavior of this wood in sawing is considered to be fair to difficult because of its fibrous nature.


It is easy to machine.


Planing of this species is easy to fair.




This species has a fair behavior in finishing.


End Uses Summary

TURNING, TOOLS, tool handles, PACKING, OTHER AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, shoes, matches, particleboard

  • 30 - Embassy of Honduras in Japan
  • 42 - Utilización Industrial de Nuevas Especies Forestales en el Perú.
Tool Handles
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  • 80 - Estudio Integral de la Madera para Construcción

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