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Purpose of this website:

  • Inform on the properties, uses & availability of lesser-used tropical timber species
  • Support small & medium-sized timber producers with value-added production & marketing
  • Promote responsible forestry & certified forests
  • Educate retail buyers about timber products & certified forestry


1 – For tropical forest policy and governance issues please visit
2 – Some contents not yet translated to all languages. Thanks for your patience.

Sustainable Forest Producers

This user group supports private and community tropical timber producers engaged in the responsible management of natural forests and plantations and their marketing of logs, flitches and poles.

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Lumber & Panels

This user group supports small and medium-sized producers of tropical lumber, veneer, wood panels, poles and engineered wood products. It will deliver technical and commercial information and collaborate with local entities in their outreach efforts.

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Wood Builders & Designers

This user group is for builders and designers who use tropical wood in construction, as well as the manufacturers of building joinery and architectural millwork products.

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Flooring & Furniture

This user group provides technical information for manufacturers, woodworkers, importers and distributors of tropical woodflooring, decking, wooden cabinets, furniture and crafts.

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Buying Public

This user group aims to educate retail buyers of tropical wood flooring, decking, cabinets and wood furniture about responsible forest practices and how to support them. Additionally, it will provide buyers with practical tips for becoming better informed consumers of wood products and wood furniture.

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