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FAVA FOLHA FINA (Piptadenia suaveolens)

Trade Name

Fava folha fina

Scientific Name

Piptadenia suaveolens Miq.



Common Names

Pikimissiki (French Guiana); Alimiao (French Guiana); Pikin-misiki (Surinam); Manari balli (Guyana); Parica grande da terra firme (Brazil); Parica branco (Brazil); Timbaúba (Brazil); Fava Folha Fina (Brazil); Timborana (Brazil); Faveira-Ferro (Brazil); Fava-De-Rosca (Brazil)

Scientific Name Synonyms

Pseudopiptadenia suaveolens (Miq.) J.W. Grimes; Piptadenia suaveolens Griseb.; Newtonia suaveolens (Miq.) Brenan

Description Of The Tree

Botanical Description

The trees are reported to be medium size. The boles are straight and cylindrical, with commercial lengths of 13 to 20 m, and diameters of 65 up to 85 cm. It presents small to well developed buttresses, up to 4.5 m tall.

Natural Habitat

Piptadenia suaveolens is found on well drained to wet soils, in primary and secondary forests. Piptadenia is reported to regrow from the stump.

Natural Distribution

In Brazil it is reported in the Para state.

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Wood Identification

Anatomic Description Of Wood

Wood diffuse porous. Styloids or solid deposits in heartwood vessels. Vestured pits. Vessels per mm2 less than 6 (rare). Simple perforation plates. Vessel-ray pits similar to intervessel pits in size and shape. Intervessel pits small, 7 micras or less. Paratracheal axial parenchyma scanty and/or vasicentric. Axial parenchyma winged aliform (uni or bilateral winged). Occasionally prismatic crystals in non-chambered axial parenchyma cells. Prismatic crystals in chambered axial parenchyma cells and/or in fibe 4 to 10 rays per mm (medium). Rays exclusively uniseriate. Homogeneous rays and/or sub-homogeneous rays (all ray cells procumbent). Oil and/or mucilage cells associated with the axial and/or ray parenchyma (idioblasts).

  • Wood Macro Photo Tangential Plane
  • Wood Micro Photo Of Transversal Section


Cites Status


General Wood Description


Odor and taste are indistinct.


The heartwood is distinct, it is brown to reddish-brown, slightly different from the sapwood which is pale brown.

COLOR INDEX (1=Black, 7=Light yellow,white)



It has interlocked grain.


This species is reported to have a fine to medium texture.


This wood is commonly of moderate luster.

Natural Durability

This species is reported to be resistant against decay and insects attack.

Natural durability index (1= Very high durability, 7=Vey low durability)


Resistance To Impregnation

It is moderately permeable to water based preservatives, but impermeable to oil based ones.

Wood Physical Properties

Basic Density or Specific Gravity (O.D. weight/vol. green) (g/cm³)


Air-dry Density (Weight and volume at 12%MC) (g/cm³)


Total shrinkage Tangential (Saturated to 0%MC) (%)


Total shrinkage Radial (Saturated to 0%MC) (%)


Drying Defects

Ease of Drying: It is easy to air season and it kiln dries at a fairly rapid rate. Drying Defects: Moderate warping and slight checking are reported.

Recommended Dry Kiln Schedule


Dimensional stability ratio (Total Tangential Shrinkage %/Total Radial Shrinkage %)


Wood Chemical Properties

Wood Mechanical Properties

Bending Strength (MOR),12%MC (kgf/cm²)


Stiffness (MOE) 12%MC (kgf/cm²)


Compression parallel to fiber 12%MC (kgf/cm²)


Compression perpendicular to fiber 12%MC (kgf/cm²)


Shear strength radial 12%MC (kgf/cm²)


Janka hardness (side) 12%MC (kgf)


Janka hardness (end grain) 12%MC (kgf)




Cutting resistance is generally high.

Rotary Veneer Cutting

P. suaveolens is reported to be easy to peel and sliced.

Sliced Veneer

P. suaveolens is reported to be easy to peel and sliced.


It does not finish well in planing.




It does not give good results in sanding.


Polishing of this species is reportedly easy.


End Uses Summary

EXTERIOR GENERAL, paling, stakes posts, HOUSING GENERAL, joists, boards, steps, panelling, FURNITURE AND CABINETS, common furniture, PLYWOOD AND VENEER, Decorative veneer, TURNING, turned furniture, BENDING, tennis rackets, SPORTS, table tennis, TOOLS, tool handles, agricultural tools, PACKING, light packing, pallets, CONTAINERS, truck bodies, truck flooring, NAVAL CONSTRUCTION, OTHER AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, door core

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