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IPê (Tabebuia impetiginosa)

Trade Name


Scientific Name

Tabebuia impetiginosa (Mart. ex DC.) Standl.



Common Names

Lapacho Negro (Paraguay); Tahuari negro (Peru); Ebano verde (Peru); Groenhart (Surinam); Puy (Trinidad & Tobago); Yellow Poui (Trinidad & Tobago); Puy (Venezuela); Ebene Verte (French Guiana); Pau D`arco (Brazil); Acapro (Venezuela); Cortéz; Akkeja; Akkekeja; Bowwood; Calabazo; Paratodo; Washiba; Ipê (Bolivia); Polvillo (Colombia); Amapá Prieta (Brazil); Iron Wood (Guyana); Guayacán (Peru); Cortés; Anago Switie; Canaguate (Colombia); Hakia (Guyana); Lapacho (Bolivia); Lapacho (Brazil); Tahuari (Peru); Roble Morado (Colombia); Cañaguate morado (Colombia); Tajibo (Bolivia); Polvillo (Venezuela); Araguaney Poi (Venezuela); Piúva (Brazil); Ipê Roxo (Brazil); Ipê (Brazil); Ipê Una (Brazil); Ipê Rojo (Brazil); Red Ipe

Scientific Name Synonyms

Tecoma ipe var. integra Sprague; Tecoma ipe var. integrifolia Hassl.; Tecoma ipe fo. leucotricha Hassl.; Tecoma integra (Sprague) Chodat; Tecoma impetiginosa Mart. ex DC; Tecoma impetiginosa var. lepidota Bureau; Tecoma impetiginosa Mart.; Tecoma impetiginosa Mart. ex A. DC.; Tecoma avellanedae (Lorentz ex Griseb.) Speg.; Tecoma avellanedae var. alba Lillo; Tecoma adenophylla Bureau ex K. Schum.; Tabebuia schunkevigoi D.R. Simpson; Tabebuia palmeri Rose; Tabebuia nicaraguensis S.F. Blake; Tabebuia ipe var. integra (Sprague) Sandwith; Tabebuia ipe (Mart.) Standl.; Tabebuia dugandii Standl.; Tabebuia avellanedae Lorentz ex Griseb.; Handroanthus impetiginosus var. lepidotus (Bureau) Mattos; Handroanthus impetiginosus (Mart. ex A. DC.) Mattos; Handroanthus avellanedae (Lorentz ex Griseb.) Mattos; Gelseminum avellanedae (Lorentz ex Griseb.) Kuntze

Description Of The Tree

Botanical Description

The trees are reported to reach heights of 36 m, with trunk diameters of 35 to 55 cm. They develop well-formed and cylindrical boles that are up to 15 or 20 m long. T. impetiginosa presents medium to small sized buttresses.

Natural Habitat

Tabebuia impetiginosa is a widespread tree found in diverse habitats, from pasturelands to rainforests, developing well in the tropical dry forests. It prefers sandy and humid soils.

Natural Distribution

T. impetiginosa is distributed from the north of Argentina until Mexico.

Non Timber Uses

The pores are filled with greenish yellow deposits of lapachol. The dust may cause dermatitis.

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Wood Identification

Anatomic Description Of Wood

Vessels in tangential pattern. Vessels in dendritic pattern. Vessels exclusively solitary (over 90%). Tangential diameter of vessel lumina 100 to 150 micras (small). Occasionally tyloses common. Vessels per mm2 6 to 10 (medium). Simple perforation plates. Vessel Axial parenchyma in marginal or in seemingly marginal bands. Axial parenchyma aliform. Axial parenchyma confluent. Axial parenchyma storied. 3 to 4 cells per parenchyma strand. Axial parenchyma bands more than 3 cells wide. Rays less than 4 per mm (rare). Rays storied. Rays 1 to 4 seriate. Fibers very thick walled. Fibers with simple to minutely bordered pits. Fibers storied.

  • Wood Macro Photo Tangential Plane
  • Wood Micro Photo Of Transversal Section


Cites Status


General Wood Description


Odor and taste are indistinct.


The yellow sapwood is clearly differentiated from the heartwood which is yellowish brown color.

COLOR INDEX (1=Black, 7=Light yellow,white)



Straight or interlocked grain is often found in this species.


This wood has a somewhat fine texture.


Luster is described as low to moderate.

Natural Durability

It is reported to be durable, it stands the attack of marine borers.

Natural durability index (1= Very high durability, 7=Vey low durability)


Wood Physical Properties

Basic Density or Specific Gravity (O.D. weight/vol. green) (g/cm³)


Air-dry Density (Weight and volume at 12%MC) (g/cm³)


Total shrinkage Tangential (Saturated to 0%MC) (%)


Total shrinkage Radial (Saturated to 0%MC) (%)


Recommended Dry Kiln Schedule

UK-E; US-T3-C1

Dimensional stability ratio (Total Tangential Shrinkage %/Total Radial Shrinkage %)


Wood Chemical Properties

Wood Mechanical Properties

Bending Strength (MOR),12%MC (kgf/cm²)


Compression parallel to fiber 12%MC (kgf/cm²)




Considering its density it is not difficult to cut, but power band saws are required.

Rotary Veneer Cutting

This species is interesting for slicing decorative veneer.

Sliced Veneer

This species is interesting for slicing decorative veneer.

Blunting Effect

It is considered to have a moderate blunting effect on the cutting elements.


Planing operations are difficult if interlocked grain is present.




Nailing properties are poor.


The response to gluing is fair.


Deposits of lapachol may give trouble in painting and varnishing .


Filling is recommended.


End Uses Summary

EXTERIOR GENERAL, poles, paling, stakes posts, rails, crossarms, crossties, HOUSING GENERAL, beams, joists, boards, flooring, frames, steps, FURNITURE AND CABINETS, common furniture, PLYWOOD AND VENEER, Decorative veneer, TURNING, ornaments, turned furniture, SPORTS, bowling polo balls, TOOLS, tool handles, agricultural tools, PACKING, heavy packing, CONTAINERS, truck bodies, truck flooring, NAVAL CONSTRUCTION, boat hulls, boat fins, boat deck, boat oars, port pillar, port storage, OTHER AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, axle, yoke

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