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KEDONDONG (Protium serratum)

Trade Name


Scientific Name

Protium serratum (Wall. Ex Colebr.) Engl.



Common Names

Nihor (India); Najor (India); Murtenga (India); Mirtenga (India); Indian red pear; Protium (Papua New Guinea); Ketos (Indonesia); Kedondong

Scientific Name Synonyms

Bursera serrata Wall. ex Colebr.

Description Of The Tree

Botanical Description

It is a middle sized to large evergreen tree up to 27 m tall and 100 up to 250 cm in diameter. The bole is clear for 9 to 15 m.

Natural Habitat

Protium serratum is reported growing especially in valleys and along water courses.

Natural Distribution

It is reported in the eastern moist zones of Bengal, Assam, Orissa and Myanmar.

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Wood Identification

Anatomic Description Of Wood

Vessels per mm2 5 to 20. Wood diffuse porous. Tyloses common. Tangential diameter of vessel lumina 200 micras or more (large). Vestured pits. Vessel-ray pits reticulate and/or foraminate. Simple perforation plates. Vascular/vasicentric tracheides present. Interve Apotracheal axial parenchyma diffuse and/or diffuse in aggregates. Paratracheal axial parenchyma scanty and/or vasicentric. Axial parenchyma aliform. Axial parenchyma confluent. Axial parenchyma bands more than 3 cells wide. Ray height more than 1 mm. 4 to 10 rays per mm (medium). Rays 1 to 4 seriate. Prismatic crystals in radial alignment in procumbent ray cells (chambered cells). Body ray cells procumbent with mostly 2 to 4 rows of upright and/or square marginal cells (Kribs-II

  • Wood Macro Photo Tangential Plane
  • Wood Micro Photo Of Transversal Section


Cites Status


General Wood Description


The heartwood is reddish-brown to dark brown, not clearly differentiated from the sapwood.

COLOR INDEX (1=Black, 7=Light yellow,white)



The grain is interlocked.


The texture is very fine to moderate fine and even.


The wood is somewhat lustrous.

Natural Durability

The wood is moderately durable. The sapwood is susceptible to Lyctus.

Natural durability index (1= Very high durability, 7=Vey low durability)


Silica Content

Silica Content: The wood has a high silica content which affects wood processing. Silica Value: 1

Resistance To Impregnation

This timber is difficult to impregnate with preservatives.

Wood Physical Properties

Basic Density or Specific Gravity (O.D. weight/vol. green) (g/cm³)


Air-dry Density (Weight and volume at 12%MC) (g/cm³)


Total shrinkage Tangential (Saturated to 0%MC) (%)


Total shrinkage Radial (Saturated to 0%MC) (%)


Dimensional stability ratio (Total Tangential Shrinkage %/Total Radial Shrinkage %)


Wood Chemical Properties

Wood Mechanical Properties

Bending Strength (MOR),12%MC (kgf/cm²)


Stiffness (MOE) 12%MC (kgf/cm²)


Compression parallel to fiber 12%MC (kgf/cm²)




Although sawing of Kedondong is difficult, timber of this species is comparatively easy to saw.


It polishes well.


End Uses Summary

EXTERIOR GENERAL, stakes posts, crossties, FURNITURE AND CABINETS, TOOLS, tool handles, CONTAINERS, truck flooring, OTHER AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, pencil

Exterior General
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