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SEIKCHE (Bridelia retusa)

Trade Name


Scientific Name

Bridelia retusa (L.) A. Juss.



Common Names

Lepcha (India); Seikchibo (Myanmar); Teng nam (Thailand); Rang thon (Thailand); Seikchi (Myanmar)

Scientific Name Synonyms

Clutia retusa L.; Bridelia stipularis (L.) Blume

Description Of The Tree

Botanical Description

It is described as a medium sized tree. Average diameters of 60 to 70 cm and straight boles up to 10 to 12 meters are reported.

Natural Habitat

This species is found in secondary evergreen to semideciduous forests and less in primary forests. It is usually close to rivers, in well drained habitats, up to 1,800 m of altitude.

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Wood Identification

Anatomic Description Of Wood

Wood diffuse porous. Vessels in diagonal and/or radial pattern. Occasionally tangential diameter of vessel lumina 100 micras or less. Tyloses common. Vessels per mm2 5 to 20. Vessel-ray pits reticulate and/or foraminate. Simple perforation plates. Intervessel pi Apotracheal axial parenchyma diffuse and/or diffuse in aggregates. Paratracheal axial parenchyma scanty and/or vasicentric. Occasionally paratracheal axial parenchyma scanty and/or vasicentric. Occasionally prismatic crystals in non-chambered axial parenchym 4 to 10 rays per mm (medium). Occasionally larger rays more than 4 seriate. Prismatic crystals in radial alignment in procumbent ray cells (chambered cells). Occasionally body ray cells procumbent with over 4 rows of upright and/or square marginal cells (Kri Septate fibers present. Fibers very thin walled. Fibers with simple to minutely bordered pits.

  • Wood Macro Photo Radial Plane
  • Wood Micro Photo Of Transversal Section


Cites Status


General Wood Description


Heartwood pink with straw-colored streaks or olive-grey-brown, distinct from the yellow-brown or straw sapwood only in the green condition.

COLOR INDEX (1=Black, 7=Light yellow,white)



Grain interlocked and sometimes wavy.


Texture moderately fine and even. Attractive mottled silver grain present on radial surface of wood. Wood very grease.

Natural Durability

The durability varies from moderately durable to non-durable under exposed conditions. Wood samples are susceptible to attack by ambrosia beetle. The sapwood is susceptible to attack.

Natural durability index (1= Very high durability, 7=Vey low durability)


Wood Physical Properties

Basic Density or Specific Gravity (O.D. weight/vol. green) (g/cm³)


Air-dry Density (Weight and volume at 12%MC) (g/cm³)


Recommended Dry Kiln Schedule


Wood Chemical Properties

Wood Mechanical Properties



The wood is easy to work with machine tools, but is somewhat fibrous.

Response To Hand Tools

The wood is easy to work with hand tools, but is somewhat fibrous.


End Uses Summary

HOUSING GENERAL, frames, PLYWOOD AND VENEER, Decorative veneer, TOOLS, tool handles, agricultural tools, OTHER AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, handicrafts

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