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This user group will provide retail buyers and end users of tropical wood products with practical tips for selecting and purchasing woodflooring, decking, wooden cabinets and furniture.

Retail buyers will also be shown how to become responsible consumers of tropical wood products and how to recognize end products manufactured using wood from certified forests.

ITTO will explore collaboration with global producer and trade groups with aligned interests to participate in the editorial panel for this user group. Expressions of interest may be sent to: Ramon Carrillo,












  • ABC OF WEBSITE - Reference Section Tips - 1. Try our central search facility in the REFERENCE SECTION  of  HOME. 2. The English language version lists all the reference items (¨Resources¨) available  in  all languages. 3. Most classical reference publications are shown  untranslated,  in their original language. 4. Our system currently lists each Resource to a single user group. For efficiency use the central search facility. Enter keywords in any language. 5. Many topics of general interest have been linked to the Sustainable Forest Producers user group. 6. To quickly see an updated list of all completed ITTO projects in several key topics, please search for ITTO Projects.  


  • BUYER TIPS - Recommended Moisture Content for Wood In Use - Simple and useful guide for homeowners and wood workers that explains the moisture content ideal for  wood products for indoor and outdoor use in different geographic regions of the USA. Residents of other countries can select the USA Region most similar  to their conditions. This is USDA FPL-Research Note 0226, a classic 1973 publication in English offered here by courtesy of the USDA Forest Products Laboratory.    
    Download fplrn226.pdf (129kb)





  • RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER - Wood Product Standards - Learn more about in the PDF below.
    Download the PDF
  • RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER - Value-added Products - Wood products where their design, final performance and cost competitiveness matter more than the underlying species. Examples include engineered floors, laminated beams, I-beams, veneered furniture, furniture made with substitute species finished to look like mahogany, walnut, oak, etc.
  • RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER - Sustainable Forestry Initiative - Active in North America. Certified by PEFC. Learn more below.
  • RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER - FSC-Certified Sustainably Managed Forests - Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).  The main independent international body of voluntary certification for sustainably managed  natural production forests in the tropics.  The link explains in English how FSC works.  This website promotes FSC certified forest producers that have elected to participate by locating their forests in the digital distribution map of the lesser used species they offer.
  • RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER - Responsible Buying - Learn more about consumer responsible buying.
  • RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER - Productores Forestales Certificados - Productores forestales que manejan bosques certificados por FSC ó PEFC y que participan en este sitio web.
  • RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER - Furniture Standards - Learn more about furniture standards by downloading the PDF below.
    Download the PDF
  • RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER - FSC - The Forest Stewardship Council is an international not for-profit, multi-stakeholder organization established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world’s forests.
  • RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER - Forest Preservation - Maintaining  protected natural areas which have been little touched by humans in their natural state.
  • RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER - Forest Conservation - Wise use of the forest and associated natural resources for this and future generations.
  • RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER - Certified Forestry - Learn more about ITTO certified forestry by downloading the PDF below.
  • RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER - Certified Forest Producers - Producers certified by FSC or PEFC and that participate in this website.
  • RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER - Certificación Forestal - Certificación Forestal en Bolivia. Ve el video
  • RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER - Buying Responsibly - Learn more about buying wood products more responsibly through the below link.