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This non-profit website is owned and published by the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO). ITTO is an intergovernmental organization promoting the conservation and sustainable management, use and trade of tropical forest resources. Its members represent the bulk of the world’s tropical forests and of the global tropical timber trade. If you would like to know more about ITTO and its activities in forest policies, governance and training, please visit

Our Vision For This Website

A relevant and effective space for learning, conversation and contact about the sustainable production and marketing of tropical timber.

Each of five “user groups”, from tropical forest producers to retail buyers, will have a space managed by its own specialized global editorial panel comprising partners, cosponsors and other interested parties. These editorial panels manage and edit contributed articles, news and forums. They recommend partners and sponsors and advise ITTO on the evolution of their spaces. ITTO provides all editorial panels with editorial oversight and administrative support. This website complements rather than duplicates the efforts of producer associations and ITTO’s main website.

Our Thanks

In the creation of this website, many entities and individuals worldwide have shared contacts, publications and photos, authorized weblinks to valuable reference resources, and provided advice. In particular we acknowledge the use of information published by the following institutions: IPT Sao Paulo (Brazil); Area Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá, SENASinchi and Universidad Nacional Sede Medellín (Colombia); CATIE (Costa Rica); Universidad Nacional de Loja and Universidad Técnica del Norte (Ecuador); FAO; Dept. of Forestry (Fiji);  CIRAD (France); COATLAHL, CUPROFOR and ESNACIFOR (Honduras); Nagoya University (Japan); Forest Stewardship Council; INAFOR, ex IRENA (Nicaragua); INIA (Perú); Grupo Andino; Universidad Autónoma de Chapingo and Universidad de Guadalajara (México); the Oxford Forestry Institute and TRADA (UK); and the American Wood Council, Missouri Botanical Garden (for the use of, Oregon State University, the Field Museum, the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point and the USDA Forest Service (USA). We are also indebted to the following producer associations: ANPM (Brazil); Cámara Costarricence Forestal; Consejo Boliviano para la Certificación Forestal Voluntaria; Gremial Forestal de Guatemala; and the Forest Products Development and Marketing Council (Guyana).

The team that gathered content for this website comprised: Inês C. Galina (Brazil); Hector Maza and Walter Palacios (Ecuador); and Angela M. Vásquez (Colombia). Alejandra Ramírez (Colombia) provided regional coordination, and Vicente A. Molinos (USA) directed the project. The responsible ITTO officer is Ramon Carrillo (