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This user group provides technical information for manufacturers, woodworkers, importers and distributors of tropical woodflooring, decking, wooden cabinets, furniture and crafts. Depending on local interest, this user group could support joint programs with other user groups to source, develop and promote value-added products with lesser-used tropical timbers.

ITTO seeks expressions of interest from local producer organizations, woodworker groups and senior technical specialists to participate in the editorial panel for this user group. Please contact: Ramon Carrillo,








  • ABC of Website - Janka Hardness, Techology Keys - "The Janka hardness of wood samples in air dry condition (12%M.C.), is used for species searches and comparisons. Refers to the load required to embed a steel ball half inch in diameter to half its thickness on the side grain or the end grain. The sorting ranges used by the original database are used.  Values are based on results  of Janka side grain tests expressed in kgf as follows. (test protocol and machines explained elsewhereHardness / Janka) Very low: Less than 305 kgf Medium: 305 to 610 Fairly high: 610 to 915 High: 915 to 1220 Very high: Over 1220"








  • WORKABILITY - Lumber machining: processing variables and quality - Practical guide on the impact of species, wood density, moisture, knife angles, speeds and other processing parameters on the quality of machined lumber. Based on the machining and related characteristics of United States Hardwoods (which can be compared to tropical timbers using the search functions of this website). Courtesy of USDA-FPL you may download this classical publication in English, "Wood Machining U.S. Hardwoods, Davis E.M. 1962, USDA- FPL. 68 pp.
    Download the PDF (1.7 MB)
  • WORKABILITY - Gluing - Learn more about gluing and wood workability through the PDF link below.