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Wood Builders & Designers

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This user group is for builders and designers who use tropical wood in construction, as well as the manufacturers of building joinery and architectural millwork products.

This user group will collaborate with specialized organizations worldwide to promote the use of well-dimensioned, dried and graded wood products in local and regional construction markets. It will support development and two-way trade of value-added products including prefabricated components and engineered products for the global construction trade.

ITTO seeks expressions of interest from local producer organizations and senior technical specialists to participate in the editorial panel for this user group. Please contact: Ramon Carrillo,

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  • ABC - Bending Strength MOR, Technology Keys - "The strength of wood samples in air dry condition (12% MC) is used for sorting and comparing species into the ranges  shown below. These ranges or Technology Keys were used by the original database. The Modulus Of Rupture in bending (MOR) is a rough estimate of the ultimate bending strength of timber based on defect-free samples  of 20x20 mm sized sample of the transverse section of a piece of timber. However, in practice the modulus of rupture and other strength properties of a piece of construction timber are influenced by many factors such as wood defects, moisture content, load position and duration, among other. So, this is NOT a design value. It is expressed in kilograms force per square centimeter (kgf/cm2). Low: Less than 580 (kgf/cm2) Medium: 581 up to 685 Fairly high:  686 up to 808 High: 809 up to 956 Very high: 957 up to 1160 Extremely high: Over 1161 (kgf/cm2) "


  • CONSTRUCTION - Wood Construction, Wood Building Codes, Training, Mexico - Consejo Nacional de la Madera en La Construcción, COMACO, México Non Governmental Organization. Promotes the efficient and safe use of structural lumber and engineered wood products in construction in Mexico. Link
  • CONSTRUCTION - Wood Design Standards - American Wood Council promotes the proper use of U.S. Southern Pine in construction and has important publications and free on-line courses.
  • CONSTRUCTION - Wood Frame Construction Manual (American Wood Council) - Caribbean Basin Construction Guide (for US Southern Pine). Courtesy of American Wood Council.
  • CONSTRUCCION - Manual de Diseño en Madera, Grupo Andino, JUNAC - Illustrated timber design manual in Spanish, including visual lumber grades and durability rankings for tropical hardwood species from Andean countries. PADT-REFORT 1984 Manual de Diseño para Maderas del Grupo Andino Junta del Acuerdo de Cartagena, JUNAC, Lima Perú.  591 pp. Escaneado, 29MB. Referencia  Bibliográfica. Nro 61.
    Download manual (29MB)
  • CONSTRUCTION - Transferencia Tecnológica Madera Vivienda - Estrategias y publicaciones desarrollo de construcción y viviendas con maderas plantadas. More Information
  • CONSTRUCTION - Manual Diseño Madera Pino radiata - Manual para Enseñanza de Ingeniería y Diseño con Madera de Pino radiata, CORMA. Centro de Transferencia Tecnológica, 2003, 272 pp. Item 617 en Bibliografía.
    Download the PDF


  • WOOD PROPERTIES - Wood Handbook, 2010, USDA FPL - Wood Handbook, USDA-FPL , 2010 FOREST PRODUCTS LABORATORY 2010 Wood Handbook-Wood as an Engineering Material General Technical Report FPL-GTR-190, Madison, Wisconsin, US Dept. of Agriculture, 508 p. (16 MB). Bibliographic Ref. Nr.449.
    Download the PDF (16 MB)